Make Shopping for a Handbag a Piece of Cake

Women’s handbags come in a bewildering variety of types, styles, shapes, and sizes. You can definitely get confused as to what would work for you after seeing shelves upon shelves of beautiful handbags. Even if you have something specific in mind, your mind may change after seeing a myriad of bags.

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Well, don’t worry. Choosing the perfect handbag is mind-boggling, but you can make it easier for you if you follow these pointers:

What’s Your Body Shape?

* If you’re tall and thin, get handbags that have short, wide, and slouchy shapes to even out your frame. Don’t buy a shoulder bag with a short strap as this will make you look even taller.

* If you are petite, don’t go for oversized bags as they tend to overwhelm your frame. Get a mid-sized bag to even out your frame. Also, avoid bags with long straps because they weigh you down, making you appear even shorter.

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* If you are somewhat stocky or biggish, get a boxy or large bag. The boxy design balances out your curves. Avoid carrying a bag that is too small because this will make you bigger. Also, go for bags with large prints; tiny prints will make you look bigger.

* Here’s a cool pointer: wherever the bag rests against your body will accentuate that part. For instance, if your bag ends up on your waist, it will emphasise your waist’s curvature (i.e., the viewer’s eye is drawn to your waist).

* Choose a bag that you plan to bring often, especially if you are splurging on a costly bag. Remember, there’s no point in spending hundreds of pounds for a bag that will end up in the closet most of the time.

Types of Hand Bags

Next, choose which type of handbag is best for you. Remember that your bag is not just for practicality but also serves as a fashion statement.

* Shoulder bags are fairly large and can carry your wallet, keys, books, phone, cosmetics, and many more. As their name implies, they are designed to be worn over the shoulder. They’re great for everyday use.

* Clutch bags do not have handles, and they are carried in your hand or tucked under your arm. Clutch bags are often small and highly embellished. You can use them for special evenings and formal occasions.

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* Handheld bags feature small handles but no straps. They’re meant to be carried by hand and are commonly used by women when they travel.

* Tote bags are large bags that can be worn over the shoulders. They are open at the top and typically have a single main compartment. They are perfect for going to the beach, shopping, and engaging in outdoor activities.

* Messenger bags are large bags that are intended to be worn crossloaded against your body. They are commonly used by students and travellers.

Now it’s time for you to pick out the bag that you want.