Find the Prettiest Vintage Rings at Kalmar Antiques Australia

Let’s face it. You’re never going to hear a collector enthusiastically discuss how they’re out to purchase the latest collection of new rings from the local chain-jewellery stores. You know the ones we mean, where generic reigns happily, and the lazy folk shop. They have names like Michael Not-Mountain, but the smaller version; Shields without the “d;” the one that rhymes with camels and the other that rhymes with loud.None of those shops are going to provide you with a one-of-a-kind vintage ring.

Older may not necessarily mean better, but with jewellery, a truer statement couldn’t be made. Vintage jewellery, and rings, in particular, offer creativity, beauty, charm, history and quality craftsmanship. Moreover, you (or the person who’s lucky enough to be gifted by you) have a truly significant piece of wearable art. If you love diamonds, buying an antique ring with its original gems will pretty much ensure those diamonds are conflict-free. For the country’s best selection and service there’s really only one place to shop with utmost confident: Kalmar Antiques Australia.

You can troll the internet for vintage (real and alleged) rings, never knowing the true quality of the ring, or if a stone’s been replaced or if it’s been sized and re-sized enough to tax the integrity of the ring. Or, you could save yourself the time, and, with utter confidence, go directly to Kalmar Antiques Australia website, or, for that matter, drop by their shop, where you can make it a fun outing. You can have lunch by the water, look at tourists and enjoy a lovely Australian day. Make sure you give yourself plenty of time to peruse the store leisurely so you can view available stock, try on, admire and hold in your hand – some of the prettiest rings, ever.

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Image from Bill Young via flickr

A vintage ring is pretty much always superior to today’s modern rings. Antique rings are stunning, while being ecologically sound and tremendously cost-effective for a gorgeous – unique – piece of jewellery. Kalmar Antiques Australia has a wide range of rings, in styles and in price, so that you can make an informed choice.

Sustainability: While there are vintage rings that are delicate and fragile (re: band sizing), the fact a ring has survived decades — and in many cases a millennia — says something about the ring’s durability. Of course, while a jeweller won’t be able to give you specifics about the ring’s personal history, they’ll be able to tell you the condition, and if the ring can be “built-up” or not. If for example, you choose an Edwardian ring with the requisite engraving, a jeweller can tell if it has been compromised in a previous “life.”

Sizing: The jeweller (or at least a good one) will let you know that you shouldn’t choose a ring that will be need to be sized (up or down) more than two sizes.

Settings: It may seem like a good deal at the time – the generic jewellery chains which can offer you deals/packages/contracts/insurance to replace lost stones – there’s something rather seedy and lightweight about a piece of a precious ring that can so easily be replaced. Check the settings and make sure the stones aren’t loose. If you choose Kalmar Antiques Australia, you’ll have a jeweller who can absolutely give you the best advice on condition and care.

Vintage vs. Modern: The Difference

And yes, there is definitely a difference between the two. Briefly, here’s a look:
Diamond Cut: there is actually a huge difference between the way diamonds were cut “back then” and the way they’re cut now. Today there are special machines, manufactured diamonds and magnifying lights. There was a time when diamonds were cut to be viewed in candlelight; vintage diamonds were cut deeper – this means you may notice a seeming difference in appearance of a vintage stone to a contemporary one. Vintage diamonds were cut deeper, look smaller. Today’s diamond cuts emphasize “brilliance,” and for the most light increase possible.

Generally, there are three types of antique cuts:

• Old Mine Cuts
• Old European Cuts
• Antique Cushion Cuts

Other factors in a vintage ring are: diamond colour grade, diamond vs. other gems, metal types and styles.