Privacy Policy

Handbag Gals works to ensure that the privacy of its users is protected and preserved. Thus, users are highly encouraged to read this privacy policy to understand how we secure, treat, and use sensitive personal information.

1. Handbag Gals reserves the absolute right to modify the terms of this privacy policy at its discretion without prior notice. Users are therefore encouraged to check the policy regularly for changes. The user agrees to hold Handbag Gals free from any liability, accountability, and responsibility from personal or business harm, losses, expenses, or damages that may arise from alterations to this privacy policy.

2. This privacy policy is applicable to If the user visits other websites and online resources via the links in this site’s pages or by some other means, the user is obligated to follow the privacy policies and terms and conditions of those sites and resources. Handbag Gals cannot modify, alter, delete, add, or control the private policies, terms, and conditions of those websites and resources.

3. When a person uses this website, Handbag Gals may require his or her personal information such as but not limited to the user’s birth name, mailing address, e-mail address and contact numbers. This data is used

• To provide a user with information that he may need from Handbag Gals
• To answer a user’s inquiries
• To offer a user information that may be of interest to him
• To provide a user with information that he has subscribed to
• To carry out signed agreements between the user and Handbag Gals
• To enable a user to participate in interactive capabilities of
• To send notices to the user about updates in the website
• To facilitate communications between the user and Handbag Gals

4. The data transmitted to us is recorded to track a user’s correspondence. Utmost confidentiality is exercised. Security measures are stringently imposed to protect a user’s data. The information is kept in secure password-protected servers and is encrypted to prevent unauthorized intrusion and extraction.

Users, however, should know that the act of transmitting information through the Internet involves an inherent risk of interception no matter how stringent the measures are. With that said, Handbag Gals is not going to give any assurance that the transmission of data is fully secured. Electronically sending personal data is entirely at the user’s risk.

5. Handbag Gals may disclose information of a user’s personal information to third parties to improve user experience or to comply with legal obligations. In such case, Handbag Gals will ask the permission of the user before doing the task.

6. The server of may send and install a cookie to a user’s browser when a user visits the website. A cookie is a piece of data that makes access to certain areas of the website faster and easier. Handbag Gals also uses cookies to gather statistical data for analysis.

Note that a cookie is not an executable file. It cannot harm a user’s machine. It does not extract information of any kind from the user’s computer.

If a user does not want to receive cookies, he can adjust his browser’s settings. However, without cookies, he may be unable to access some parts of the website.

7. For more information, contact Handbag Gals by filling out the Contact Us Form.